Blue kilim rugs

Our collection of blue kilim rugs is available in a wide spectrum of blue: sky blue, petrol blue, duck blue, turquoise blue, etc. Our blue kilim rugs are suitable for any interior, bedroom or living room, and will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your room.They are perfect for both bright and dark rooms thanks to the vivid detail colours that enhance the mood. All our blue kilim rugs are hand-woven with a tight weave which makes them durable and of high quality. The kilims in our collection are all woven in wool. This natural fibre is soft to the touch, insulates against the cold and improves the acoustics of the room, which helps to create a cosy and warm atmosphere.Wool is a low-maintenance hypoallergenic fibre that can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.The blue kilim rugs from our collection go well with a decoration in grey tones as well as a monochrome decor in light shades.Choosing a blue kilim rug from our collection means choosing a quality product woven in the traditional Moldovan way. Each kilim is a unique piece that won’t be found elsewhere.