Pink kilim rug

Pale pink, fuchsia pink, salmon pink, pastel pink. Our pink kilim rugs are available in many shades which offer so many possibilities for interior design. We love pink for its cheerful side, a pink kilim rug will naturally be used to make interior design more warm and luminous. Pink kilim rugs are perfect for children’s rooms as well as other adult rooms in your home. They combine with any decoration featuring grey or taupe accents to provide a chic atmosphere. Take the leap and get a bright pink kilim rug for a vibrant and quirky atmosphere. For the even more daring, combine our pink kilim rugs with a mauve decoration. Our pink kilim rugs are perfect for sunny rooms as well as for darker rooms where they will enhance the room thanks to other detail colors. Our kilim rugs from this collection are unique pieces. They have been hand-woven by Moldovan artisans and stand out from other kilims thanks to their flowery patterns on a dark background. Our pink kilims are not monochrome, they are made up of one main colour and several detail colours that go well with other decorative accessories. All our kilims are woven in wool, a quality material, which makes the kilim soft to touch. This in turn insulates the floor from the cold and also muffles noises in a room. Easy to maintain, our pink kilims can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.