Red kilim rug

The red kilim rug is always a strong choice. A powerful and warm colour, it catches the eye and creates a dynamic and energizing atmosphere. Stimulating colour, the red on our kilims comes from the flowery patterns typical of Moldovan carpets. Our red kilim rugs will enhance furniture in neutral tones and perfectly match bohemian, alternative, rustic and classic decorations. Our red kilim rugs are perfect for decorating a living room where red floral patterns on a black background will bring a focal point to your room. The red on our kilims is carefully dispersed so it won’t overpower the room. All our kilims are hand-woven by Moldovan artisans. The tight weave of the fibres ensures the rugs are of good quality and resistant to any pressure they may be subjected to. Our kilims are woven in wool, a material with a soft touch and one which provides good insulation, both acoustically and thermally. Easy to maintain, our kilims can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Buying a red kilim rug at Rugstory means acquiring a strong and unique piece that you will enjoy owning for years to come.