Kilim rugs by color

The kilim rug is the decorative accessory that can both complete your home or become the centerpiece of it. If you are looking to perfect your home-decorating with a kilim rug, choose one that incorporates the dominant colours of your sofa or your curtains as well as the intricate colours like paintings. Rugstory offers a large collection of multi-colored kilim rugs. All of our kilim rugs are made up of one dominant colour accompanied by several detail colours. You’ll find a wide range of dominant colours in our collection of over 300 Moldovan kilim rugs. All these are old pieces that have been hand-woven in wool. If you are looking for a kilim rug as the centerpiece of your room to give character to a classic or monochrome feel, you’ve come to the right place. Our collection of multi-coloured kilim rugs will allow you to bring a touch of colour and create a bohemian or quirky atmosphere. You have a choice of our three main colour ranges, blue, pink and red kilim rugs. Each category is made up of over a hundred unique kilim rugs. Our collection is made up of kilim rugs in whimsical colours that will enhance your interior and uplift the appearance of your furniture.