In the middle of furnishing your child’s room, you have chosen the furniture, the frames, but something is missing… Have you thought about the kilim rug? Ideal for covering the floor, creating a warm space and protecting your child from the cold when playing on the floor, the rug is a masterpiece in terms of decoration.

A kilim in a child’s room: a multi-purpose accessory

A kilim is THE multi-purpose decoration item by definition.

It can be used
to define the spaces in a shared room: Do your children have a room for two? Why not mark out everyone’s space with a kilim rug? This will serve both as a “common space” where they can meet to play together, but also as a border, since beyond that, the personal space begins.
– to reduce noise in a child’s room: When your child moves around… They’re running, to your neighbour’s dismay! In this particular case, you will need a thick kilim: not only is it pleasant for your little one’s feet, but it also greatly reduces the noise of their daily activities.

What colours and patterns to choose?

The choice of colours for a children’s bedroom kilim rug should be made to suit your little one’s character. If they are a “fast” one, avoid exciting them further with red or flashy colours. On the other hand, if they are clumsy, light-coloured rugs may be very quickly damaged or stained… Think about playful rugs, some of them have animals, shapes… In short, something to stimulate your child’s imagination. Rugstory offers a wide collection of high quality, hard-wearing hand-woven wool rugs in vibrant colours and playful patterns.

Children’s bedroom kilim rug: how to take good care of it

To fight against respiratory allergies, and to provide a gleaming room for your little darling, make sure you take good care of your kilim rug. To do this, use and abuse the vacuum cleaner (in brushing mode). Once or twice a year, you should consider having your kilim rug professionally cleaned.