Kilim rugs

A kilim rug in the living room meets several needs. It is decorative, comfortable and easy to clean. In order to choose and maintain harmony in the room, you must take into account the dimensions, colours and materials already present. Rugstory offers traditional kilim rugs in several sizes:

The ideal size of a living room kilim rug is determined by the arrangement of the sofas and coffee table. The best solution is to choose a  kilim rug with a length at least equal to the length of the sofa. The width of the kilim rug should allow you to go around the table while remaining on the rug. A kilim rug of at least 200 x 300 cm is ideal for a large living room. Rugstory offers you a collection of very beautiful hand-woven and large kilims. The vibrant colours and floral patterns of our kilim rugs will bring a touch of colour and will blend perfectly with any style of furniture. All the kilim rugs in our collection are unique pieces woven from wool. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, our kilims will provide acoustic comfort and good thermal insulation to the floor.

The rectangular shape of our kilim rugs makes them easy to use in any room of your home. Our large kilim rugs rugs will allow you to cover the entire floor of your room or to define the space dedicated to the living room in a loft.

The kilim rugs in our collection blend perfectly with a contemporary, bohemian or ethnic design and will bring an undeniable touch of originality to your interior. We have kilims with geometric, floral or animal motifs, simple or busy kilims.

Our brightly coloured kilim wool rugs with animal motifs are perfect for children’s rooms. Their pure wool composition makes them warm and soft for your children’s little feet. Our children’s carpets are all handmade, which gives them a very high quality and resistance to any pressure they might be subjected to. Our kilim rugs are excellent thermal insulators, which makes them perfect as a play area.