Rugstory offers you a wide collection of traditional kilims. All the rugs have been hand woven in the purest Moldovan tradition, from the spinning of the wool to the weaving of the rug. Our kilim rugs are of the highest quality, with elegant floral patterns and vibrant colours. Each rug is a unique piece. Highly appreciated for their bohemian, warm and comforting touch, our kilims blend into both contemporary and traditional interiors. Our kilims generally find their place in the living room. In addition to adding colour to your room, they will bring a small traditional and ethnic touch to your decor. Paired with vintage or modern furniture, Rugstory kilim rugs have the advantage of adapting and matching with all styles. If you would like to choose a large kilim rug for your living room, Rugstory offers a wide selection of large size kilims. If you’re not a fan of the kilim in your living room, you might prefer it in your bedroom. Our kilims will instantly give your room an ultra cocooning atmosphere. In the home, our kilim rugs can even be used in the kitchen. Our large kilims are perfect to place under the dining table, our smaller kilims are perfect to place in front of a sink or just about anywhere in the middle of the room. With their many colours, our kilim rugs will bring vibrancy to a room with dark furniture, but will also liven up a bohemian and natural atmosphere. It’s up to you to make the most of it to give your interior a touch of character!