A passion for kilim rugs

A passion for kilim rugs

Dear Visitor,

If you like colourful kilim rugs, our online boutique is for you.

You will discover a collection of over 200 kilim rugs, all unique. We have selected each kilim with great skill and care to give you the rarest and most exquisite kilim rugs. To do this, we have traveled through many villages and knocked on many doors. Our effort and patience have been greatly rewarded and we are proud to present our results here. On this page you will find kilim rugs from all the regions of Moldova. Each region has its own specific patterns and colours.

All our kilims are vintage, weaved between the start of the 20th century and the ’80s. Many of these kilims have been used as tapestry and wall decorations. Some of these have never been used, carefully stored throughout the ages, they await their hour of glory and would serve as great interior decoration – why not try them in your home?

On Rugstory you will only find Moldavian kilim rugs. Our boutique is one of the few that specialise in this particular product. The distinct characteristic of Moldavian kilim rugs is the floral pattern set on a black background. All the kilims are hand crafted with great skill, starting with the spinning of the wool, dyeing and weaving. That’s why all our products are of best quality.

Here you will find kilim rugs which have past a thorough selection process. They are professionally cleaned and restored by artisans, with great passion for their work. Although decades old, all our kilims have been restored to a like-new condition. Rugstory works with Moldavian artisans and family shops, applying their great skill in restoring our rugs. By buying our kilims, you are contributing to the development of the local economy and the continuation of this centuries old tradition.

In our boutique you will find authentic, brightly coloured, Moldavian kilim rugs. Many of the dyes use come from tree barks and roots, often using methods long forgotten in today’s industrial manufacturing processes.

In our restoration process, we don’t use any coffee or tea baths which end up dulling the colours. Many of the Moldavina kilim rugs you’ll find for sale on the internet have been subjected to a process intended to dull their colours and give them a more vintage look, even though these may be of a more recent provenance.

In our boutique you will find kilim rugs which won’t leave you indifferent. These are unique pieces that will leave an impression on any interior. Moldavian kilim rugs can have 15 or more colour arrangements. Each arrangement is original and unique. The choice of colours reflects the preference of the the weaver. Our collection  of kilims offers a great variety of colours and patters you can choose from.

Many of the kilims have been woven by grandmothers for their grandchildren. Some have been passed one from one generation to another. Most have been made for personal use. None of the kilim rugs in our collection involve any underpaid or child labour. By buying our kilims you are supporting jobs in the rural economy of Moldova.

All our kilim rugs are vintage. This choice is driven by our desire to give beautiful old things a new life and save them from deterioration.

Regrettably, industrial manufacturing means that the art of making Moldavina kilim rugs has been lost and they are no longer produced.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our boutique and we hope that you will find the kilim you are looking for.

The Rugstory Team.

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