Floral rug 115cm x 215cm/3’77″x7’05”



A kilim rug with floral design and bright colours, it is perfect for a bohemian living room. This floral rug goes perfectly with all styles of furniture. This floral rug is a unique piece in our collection, it has been hand woven by passionate craftsmen.  This floral rug will bring sparkle to any living room and keep feet warm at all times.

The Moldavian floral rug is recognisable by its large floral patterns on a black background and by its very bright colours.

The colours of the antique floral rug from our collection were obtained from natural dyes. The natural dyes were obtained from decoctions of bark and roots using processes that are now forgotten. In order to obtain a beautiful pink, one used an onion-based decoction. To obtain a beautiful turquoise, one used a decoction based on walnut bark. The use of plants for dyeing wool was time-consuming. The wool had to soak for a long time in order to absorb the colours.

The colours on floral rug woven in the middle of the 20th century were obtained from industrial dyes.

The colours used for weaving a floral rug depended on the region where the rug was woven. In the north of Moldova people liked bright colours and kilims with floral patterns. In the south of the country, people liked kilim rugs with pastel colours and less floral patterns.

Industrial dyes were popular as soon as they appeared. They allowed a drastic reduction in the wool dyeing phase. They offered a wider range of colours.

Moldavian kilim rugs were the centrepieces of the wedding trousseau. The price of these kilims was very high. A bride who owned several kilims  was considered rich.

The value of a Moldavian kilim rug was determined by its size and motif. The flowery kilim rugs were at the top of the scale. Woollen kilim rugs with geometrical patterns were ranked lower.

The weaving of Moldavian kilim rugs had its moment of glory between the beginning of the 20th century and until the 80s. Today, this tradition has almost disappeared due to competition from industrial carpets.

 Dimension of the floral rug : 115cm x 215cm/3’77″x7’05”.