Floral rug 222cm x 363cm/7’28” x 11’90”


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A hand-woven floral rug from the beginning of the 70s. This colorful floral rug seduces with its pastel colours obtained from natural ingredients and with the concentration of floral patterns. The wool used for the weaving of this floral rug is of very high quality, it has been spun by hand and offers an unequalled softness to the touch. As a large-sized carpet, this floral rug will cover the entire floor of your room and at the same time offer thermal insulation due to the insulating power of wool. This kilim is a unique piece, in excellent condition because it was used as a wall carpet.

This piece is a woven rug, called a kilim. The density of the weaving is high, the knots are very tight.

Moldavian foral kilim rugs were once used as wall decoration, they were designed to completely cover the main wall of the room in which they were hung. For this reason their size varies between 2m x 3m and larger. The very large floral kilim rug, over 2m x 4m, were reserved for rooms where guests were received. Small floral kilim rug, less than 2m x 3m, were rare because small rooms were decorated with other types of floral rugs.

The walls of Moldavian peasant houses were decorated with floral kilim rugs to serve as thermal insulation in winter and as decoration that could be made by oneself or easily acquired.

Floral rugs weaving was practiced all over the country, with each region cultivating its own style, its own patterns. Floral rug weaving was a winter activity practiced exclusively by women.

 Dimension of the floral rug : 222cm x 363cm

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