Large kilim rugs 203cm x 404cm/6’66” x 13’25”


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This large kilim rugs convinces with its originality and comfort. Shimmering colours are combined with high-quality materials and a bohemian design. The mix of pink and black makes this large kilim rugs a strong piece that will enhance any interior. The large size of this kilim rug and the natural material from which it is woven will bring comfort and warmth to your room. This large kilim rug is handwoven in wool and unique.

If you are wondering why wool was spun and dyed by hand instead of being bought, it is simply because neither the colours nor the quality of wool needed for carpet weaving were available to buy. The only solution was to make it yourself.

The majority of the looms on which the Moldavian kilim rugs were woven could be dismantled. They were assembled in rooms at the beginning of winter and dismantled when the warm weather arrived. But some carpet sizes, the very large ones, required special looms that could not be assembled and disassembled with the changing seasons. Only those peasants who could allocate a room in their house to store this cumbersome device owned one and could weave largekilim rugs.

People wove first for themselves, then for their loved ones and then to generate additional income. It was not uncommon to see grandmothers working long hours weaving carpets for their very young grandchildren to use in their own homes when they became adults.

The weaving of these large kilim rugs was very time-consuming because of the abundant floral patterns. Three people worked 12 to 14 hours a day for several weeks weaving these large kilim rugs. Two people worked tirelessly at weaving, only stopping for lunch, and the third person wove between preparing meals for the others.

Dimensions of the large kilim rugs : 203cm x 404cm