50 shades of bohemian rugs

In this post I am not writing about whips and latex suits, but about decoration, which is also a form of pleasure. With this article, I would like to introduce you to bohemian rugs made all over the world. When you think of a bohemian rug, you visualise a hand-woven rug with exotic patterns and original colours, produced for personal use. These bohemian rugs take you on a journey and bring a touch of originality to your interior. But, do…


Where to buy a Moldavian kilim rug ?

You have probably been wondering where to buy the Moldavian kilim rug also known as bessarabian kilim, because you want choice both in terms of models and prices.Moldavian kilim rugs are relatively new on the market and very few distributors offer them, when you want to buy them you have to navigate from site to site for lack of choice.  In the long run, it's frustrating. [Cover photo: Rugstory] In order to make your life easier, we have selected a…


Why so many flowers on a floral rug from Moldova?

Moldavian floral rugs are the masterpieces of Moldavian craftsmanship. They are distinguished from other traditional rugs by their floral patterns on a black background. The floral motifs on Moldavian kilim rugs follow the same pattern: one or more floral bouquets in the centre of the carpet framed by a floral frieze. The flowers represented on these floral rugs are all those that grow in Moldova: lilies of the valley, tulips, chamomile, bells, geraniums, sunflowers and especially roses of all colours.…

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The wall rug, good or bad idea?

A carpet on the wall? What an idea! Good or bad? This article will attempt to answer this question. The wall carpet is considered a UFO in Western decoration, yet it is widespread in some parts of the world. We are used to seeing carpets decorate the floor and the idea of hanging them on the wall seems absurd to us. It should be noted that a carpet's place was not always under the feet of these owners. The first…

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