kilims moldaves
kilims moldaves

Out of all the different types of bohemian rugs, here’s one you probably don’t know of: the Moldovan kilim rug!

This colourful rug is hand-woven with simple motifs. The Moldovan kilim rug is different from every other rug thanks to its floral motifs. The density of flowers per square inch will brighten up any gloomy room. You will find a multitude of garden flowers on a Moldovan rug: lilies, pansies, violets, sunflowers, hydrangeas, lilacs and of course roses of all colours.

The Moldovan rug is the perfect floral rug.

Just like any bohemian rug, the Moldovan floral rug was handmade. The technique used to make Moldovan  floral rugs is to flat weave the rugs. Flat woven kilims are high quality and thick.

During the winter, these amazing floral rugs were woven by weavers who didn’t work in the fields. Most Moldovan floral rugs were intended for personal use. When they were sold, they were sold at a very expensive price because of the time-consuming work required. Moldovan floral rugs were often given to brides as a dowry. The bride who had several  floral rugs as wedding gifts was considered rich.

The Moldovan rug was used as a wall decoration. Every respectable peasant had one, one was found in every room. The most beautiful rugs were reserved for reception rooms. As a wall carpet, the Moldavian kilim rug had both a decorative function and was used for thermal insulation. The Moldavian floral rug is woven entirely of wool, which insulates well from the cold.

The weaving of Moldovan floral rugs was observed through the entire territory of the country. Each region developed its own style, its floral motifs and colour specificities. In the south, Moldovan kilim rugs were soberer in terms of the motifs and colours, whereas in the north, kilims had many motifs and colours.

Flowers are the most common motif on Moldovan kilims. We can also find combinations of geometric and floral motifs. There are kilims with animal or anthropomorphic motifs. Our collection of Moldovan rugs shows this diversity of motifs.

Our Moldavian floral rugs vary in size. Most are large, 2m x 3m and above. This can be explained by the fact that they were intended to cover the entire main wall of a room. Smaller Moldavian rugs are rare. We have a few in our collection.

Even though they have been around for at least a hundred years, Moldovan floral rugs are new on the home-decorating market. They were discovered fifteen years ago. The interest in these colourful rugs is an opportunity because they are no longer made due to lack of interest in the region and the complexity of the production process.

Thanks to the sudden interest from abroad, many old Moldovan floral rugs have been restored and given a new lease of life. This is both a preservation of the Moldovan cultural heritage and a sustainable approach.

This virtuous circle was the starting point for the creation of Rugstory, an online shop specialising in Moldovan rugs.

This shop was founded with the desire to offer these floral rugs to a large audience.

The Rugstory team includes people who have a passion for decoration. They see the charm that a Moldovan floral rug can bring to a home, no matter the style. The team has high expectations and offers only exceptional kilims found in Moldovan villages.

Thanks to the lack of intermediaries in the supply chain, Rugstory can offer a wide range of Moldovan rugs at prices below market prices.

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