Where to buy a Moldavian kilim rug ?

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You have probably been wondering where to buy the Moldavian kilim rug also known as bessarabian kilim, because you want choice both in terms of models and prices.
Moldavian kilim rugs are relatively new on the market and very few distributors offer them, when you want to buy them you have to navigate from site to site for lack of choice.  In the long run, it’s frustrating.

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In order to make your life easier, we have selected a few sites that offer a wide range of Moldavian kilim rugs with roses.

1.Carpet Vista

This is the Ali-Baba’s cave of handmade carpets, it boasts more than 51,000 kilim references, which is possible and one thing is sure, they have a wide choice of Moldavian kilim rugs. I noticed that the Moldavian kilims on offer are all treated with tea baths. This technique consists in immersing the kilim rug in a bath filled with black tea to soften the bright colours and give it an aged look. All the Moldavian kilim models available on this site are unique pieces.


This online shop specialises in Moldavian kilim rugs with a wide range of more than 300 items from all regions of Moldova with their specific styles.  

You can find hand woven kilim rugs from the beginning of the 20th century as well as “newer” kilim rugs woven in the seventies.

The Moldavian kilims available here have not undergone any artificial transformation aimed at denaturing the original colours, some of them very bright on a black background as this is the trademark of Moldavian kilim rugs.

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3.Artes longa

I love this site that specialises in antiques and antique rugs, which offers a very fine range of handmade bohemian kilim rugs, including Moldavian ones. I discovered this site 5 years ago and I was seduced by the layout and the quality of the products offered. I recommend it not only for Moldavian kilim rugs but also for any other decorative object.

Moldavian kilim rug
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4.Nazmiyal antique rugs

This site specialises in kilims of all origins: Moroccan, Scandinavian, art deco, Persian and Moldavian. The models of Moldavian rugs available are really old, i.e. made between 1900 and 1930. The only thing that could make you gnash your teeth is the price, it is not accessible to all budgets.


This is an online shop of decorative objects, they offer some models of Moldavian kilim rugs. 


6.ADA Kilims

This is an online shop that specialises in different types of kilims: contemporary carpets, vintage carpets, patchwork carpets, hemp kilims and Moldavian rugs. They have received the “STEP” label guaranteeing fair trade kilims.

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7. Boyer Molière

One person described this shop as “a wonderful shop made of “old” handicrafts from all over the world”. There’s nothing more to say

Moldavian kilim rug
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